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How to Write a Case Brief
What is a Case Brief?
A case brief is a written document that outlines and condenses a legal case,
presenting the legal facts and rulings of that particular case. In other
words, a case brief is a complete summary of a legal decision.
Key Aspects of a Case Brief
After examining information regarding case briefs by Michael and John
Makdisi (2009) and the Sydney Law School (2014), I have outlined five key
aspects that you must include in order to write a proper case brief. No
individual aspect is more important than the other!

The first step is the Style of Cause, which is essentially just a term
used to describe the case name and citation. In this step, you would
determine who was involved in the case and what year it took place.

The second step is Facts. This section provides an overview of the
most critical facts of the case, including all of the relevant people,
actions, locations and objects involved. In this step, you would
determine what happened i