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Here is a sample brief of the case of Eric J. v. Betty M. (Cal. Appellate Case 1999), which you read for
homework 1. Note that Facts and Rationale make up the bulk of the case brief. The facts have been retold
in the author’s own words. Not all facts were recited. The Rationale explains the court’s holding and what
it means as a rule of law. It cites the case law as well as the public policy that the court applied. The
Rationale also explains how the court dealt with a possible contrary case.

Robert brought home his new girlfriend, Helen, and her eight-year-old son, Eric, to meet his mother,
father, brothers, and sister and their spouses. The relationship between Robert and Helen continued and
Helen and Eric were guests several times in different family homes. No family member told Helen about
Robert’s criminal history of felony child molestation. It was later discovered that Robert sexually
molested Eric during some of these visits at the family homes all the