Free cancellation letter 42
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Today’s Date: xx/xx/xxxx
Names on contract: (wife and/or husband)
Contract Number: xxxxxxx
Date of Purchase: xx/xx/xxxx
Subject: Cancellation letter for timeshare contract number: xxxxxxx
Dear sir/madam
This letter is to inform you of my intention to cancel the timeshare contract
number: xxxxxxx which was purchased on xx/xx/xxxx by (the exact name(s)
written on the timeshare contract) in accordance with the laws of the state
of (state where timeshare was purchased). I request a full refund of my
deposit of (amount of deposit) and the cancellation of any future deposits
found in the contract. The $xx,xxx in timeshare financing we requested
should also immediately be cancelled. Please do not make any additional
charges to my (debit card/credit card) or any future payments. Please
confirm that you have received this legal timeshare contract number:
xxxxxxx rescission in writing.
Date of signature