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Sample PMI Cancellation Letter
When your loan has reached 75%-80-% loan to value because of appreciation or paydown, with
no late pays, then there is a chance you may be able to remove your PMI.
The place to start is with a call or letter to your loan servicer (not the PMI company) and ask for
their PMI removal policy

Loan Servicer
Loan Servicer Address
Anywhere, State ZIP
Loan #:
Your Social security #:
Your Name:
Your Address in question
Dear Sirs:
Property address:
I understand that I am no longer obligated to carry my private mortgage insurance after my loanto-value ratio has reached a threshold of less than 80%.
Please inform as to the steps necessary to drop my PMI.
Thank you,
Your Name
At this point you will probably have to provide an appraisal, or Brokers Price Opinion. Make
sure that you get the guidelines on what is acceptable before you go out and pay for this. Your
loan servicer will no doubt give you a list of acceptable appraisers.

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