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Cancellation of Fitness First Contract
This template letter can be used to formally cancel your Fitness First contract, without
having to attend the club in person.
You need to adapt the letter to your personal circumstances by filling in all the places
marked in [red].
You should keep a copy of the final letter you send.
Don’t forget to change all the red text to automatic/black once you’ve finished and delete this box!
[Insert your contact address]
[Insert Today’s Date]
Fitness First [Insert location of your club]
[Insert Address of your Fitness First Club]
Dear Fitness First [Insert location of your club]
[Your Name]
Membership Number: [ ]
On [Insert start date – should be listed on your Application Form] I commenced a
membership contract (“contract”) at Fitness First [Insert location of your club] (“club”).
My contract was for a minimum period of [one or 12] months, and expired on [date].
In accordance with clause 14.1 of the c