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Supplier name
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Supplier Name,
Re: Account Name or Number
Please accept this letter as formal notice that [insert company name] is cancelling its digital marketing
service agreement with your organization effective [insert effective date]. We appreciate the services your
company has provided to date and kindly request your cooperation as we transition to handling website
maintenance in-house.
[Insert person's name] will be handling website maintenance duties for our company moving forward. She
will contact you to schedule a transition meeting within the next few days. Before the meeting, please
provide a list of details pertinent to the transition, including:

list what you need from them
such as domain name expiration date/registry
links to social media profiles
hosting details, etc.

Please provide us with a final invoice for services rendered within 10 days after the transition meeting.
Thank you again for your assistance, both in