Free artist management contract 49Free artist management contract 49Free artist management contract 49
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Sample Construction Management Contract
Agreement made this __________ day of ___________ in the year Two Thousand and Twelve
between the COUNTY OF WALKER, a political and legal subdivision of the State of Texas,
("Owner"), and ____________________ ("Construction Manager"), for services in connection
with the following described Project:
Proposed new Walker County Jail located at Huntsville, Texas.
The Architect for the Project is Burns Architecture, LLC located at 316 Bailey Ave, Fort Worth,
Texas 76107.
The Owner and the Construction Manager agree as set forth below:
1. The Construction Team and Extent of Agreement
2. Construction Manager's Services
3. Owner's Responsibilities
4. Schedule
5. Construction Manager Compensation and Guaranteed Maximum Price
6. Changes in the Project
7. Discounts
8. Payments to the Construction Manager
9. Insurance, Waiver of Subrogation and Bonds
10. Termination of the Agreement and Owner's Right to Perform Construction Man