Free artist management contract 44Free artist management contract 44Free artist management contract 44
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This contract is intended to be a model landscape-maintenance contract for use by
homeowners’ associations and landscape contractors who intend to employ Florida-Friendly
Landscaping™ Best Management Practices.
This model contract does not convey legal advice, does not purport to include all of the
provisions that may be required to create a binding agreement to the satisfaction of the
parties in any given circumstance, and does not create an attorney-client relationship
between the user and the University of Florida. This model contract is based upon the laws of
Florida and the United States at the time it was posted. These laws may change from time to
time. In addition, local government law may apply. Users of this model contract should seek
advice from an attorney before using this contract.
This contract can be modified by anyone who uses it to reflect site-specific conditions and
negotiated terms