Free artist management contract 28Free artist management contract 28
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Name _______________________________________
Address _________________________________________
1. I hereby employ you as my sole and exclusive artists’ manager for a period of___years (not to exceed 7)
from date hereof to negotiate contracts for the rendition of my professional services as a writer, or to
otherwise in the fields of motion pictures, legitimate stage, radio broadcasting, television, and other fields of
2. You hereby agree to advise and counsel me in the development and advancement of my professional
career and to use reasonable efforts to procure employment and to negotiate for me, as aforesaid.
3. As compensation for your said services agreed to be rendered here under, I hereby agree to pay you a
sum equal to
%)(not to exceed maximum rate shown on
fee schedule) of all moneys or things of value as and when received by me, directly or indirectly, as
compensation for my professional services rendered or agreed to be rendered du