Free artist management contract 29Free artist management contract 29Free artist management contract 29
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BAM! Complete Guide to
Contracts – COMPANION
By Robert Baird

Clear Contract Copies for the Performing Arts

Contracts are a summary of agreements reached by two parties.
There is no magic to them; there is no necessity for convoluted or

confusing language; there is no “one size fits all” document that
will work for every situation.
Each contract is unique and will require a unique document.
So, this Companion Volume to the BAM! Complete Guide to
Contracts offers you some examples of contracts I have used. They
are not meant to be copied wholesale, but are offered as guidance
for making up your own contract. You will want your contract to
specify and, above all, clarify your requirements, your concerns
and the consequences which may ensue due to human foibles or
circumstances totally beyond your control.
I hope that these contracts will assist you in defining terms that
will help you in your creative life. Good luck!

A contract between an artist and a booking a