Free artist management contract 25Free artist management contract 25Free artist management contract 25
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Artist Management Agreement
When to Use This Document:
The following contract is an example of a management agreement between an artist’s personal
manager and an artist. Such agreements are always subject to extensive negotiation, which may
vary, based on individual circumstances applying to both the manager and the artist. Factors such
as pre-existing success on the part of the artist, or other artist management commitments on the
part of the manager should help guide negotiations with respect to such contract points as
percentages and the length of the term. Always consult a respected music industry attorney before
signing a contract.
Why this can be a critical document:
This agreement sets forth a broad range of agreed upon parameters related to the structure and
details of an artist’s career and the various sources of revenue generated. Choosing a personal
manager is a critical moment in an artist’s career and a document such as this indicates in detail
many important financial and