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Template contract for Musical Director
Published July 2015
This model contract has been developed with the help of the Incorporated Society of
Musicians (ISM) and the Association of British Choral Directors (abcd) – we would like to
thank them both for their contributions.
Use of the contract
The model contract is intended solely as a starting-point for negotiations. As with any
contract, it may be appropriate for the parties to the contract to negotiate amendments and
modifications to suit their own particular circumstances. If the parties are in any doubt about
the suitability of the contract for their particular circumstances, they should seek their own
legal advice. Access to this model contract does not constitute the provision of legal advice
by Making Music, ISM or abcd and those using the model contract do so strictly on the
basis that no liability, in relation to the use of the contract, is accepted by Making Music, ISM
or abcd.
Guidance notes on contract
This contract is for