Free artist management contract 12Free artist management contract 12
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First Name

Last Name

hereby engages Agent as sole and exclusive agent for a term of 12 MONTHS ____ (_12_) months
2. Agent’s duties hereunder shall be to use reasonable efforts to procure and or negotiate the engagement of
Actor/Actress’s/Performer services as an _Artist__________ in the entertainment, concerts, recording, stage, film,
television, literary and related fields throughout the world, including but not limited to merchandising, advertising,
interactive media and PR Agent may advice and counsel artist in the development or advancement of artist’s
professional career.
3. Agent agrees to perform the services specified herein. Actor/Actress/Performer understands that Agent may
render other or similar services to other persons, firms and corporations. represents that he/she is free to enter into
this Agreement and does not have and will not have any contract or obligation that will conflict herewith.
4. Actor/Actress/Performer agrees to pay