Free artist management contract 10Free artist management contract 10Free artist management contract 10
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The following sets forth the terms and conditions of the agreement dated as of
_____________________, 2008 entered into between Filmaka Inc. (“Filmaka”), a
______________________ corporation with its principal place of business at
7955 W. 3 Street, Los Angeles, California 90041 and
____________________(“Artist”), ____________________________________,
with respect to Filmaka’s management services (the “Agreement”).
1. Artist desires to obtain Filmaka’s advice, counsel and direction in the
development and enhancement of Artist’s artistic and professional career. Artist
acknowledges that the nature and extent of the success or failure of Artist’s
career cannot be predetermined and it is therefore Artist’s desire that Filmaka’s
compensation be determined in such manner as will permit Filmaka to accept the
risk of failure and likewise to benefit to the extent of Artist’s success.
2. Artist hereby engages Filmaka as Artist’s personal manager for an
initial period of