Free artist management contract 06Free artist management contract 06Free artist management contract 06
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March 2017
The following document contains an example, long-form written management
agreement jointly created by the Featured Artists Coalition, Music Managers Forum and
Musicians Union.
Please note that this is not a ‘standard’ artist management agreement, as such a thing
does not exist in the industry. The artist-manager relationship is very personal and as
such, every single one is different. The agreement signed between the two parties must
reflect this and both must feel comfortable with the terms.
This contract is specifically for the use of newer artists and managers and lists points
that should be considered when entering an agreement, however it is not exhaustive.
The document should be used as a whole in order to fulfil its aim of being a fair
artist-manager contract.
Any investment made by the manager and/or artist into the project must be covered by a
separate financial agreement.
The period of negotiation should be the only time in which