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Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State
Minnesota Business Corporation | Articles of Incorporation
Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 302A

Read the instructions before completing this form.
Filing Fee: $155 for expedited service in-person and online filings, $135 if submitted by mail
Note: A professional firm governed under Chapter 319B must include an attachment with the following information:
(This information is only required if this is a professional firm.)
1. Statement that the Minnesota firm elects to operate and acknowledges that it is subject to Minnesota
Statutes, Chapter 319B.01 to 319B.12.
2. List the professional service the corporation is authorized to provide under Minnesota Statutes, Chap. 319B, subd 19.
The undersigned incorporator(s), in order to form a Minnesota Business Corporation under Minnesota Statutes,
Chapter 302A adopt the following:
Article I – Name of Corporation (Required)
(The company name must include a corporate or professional designation in their name.)