Free articles of incorporation template 21Free articles of incorporation template 21Free articles of incorporation template 21
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Sample Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws

The By-Laws are the rules from which your club will work. By-Laws should be patterned around your
Articles of Incorporation in order to be consistent and compatible with your articles. In other words, you
don’t want your By-Laws to say one thing and your articles to say another. Articles of Incorporation are
designed to be brief. By- Laws then follow, elaborating the points covered lightly or simply not included in
the articles. The basic sections generally omitted from articles, and needing coverage in the By-Laws,
are the sections on management authority, conduct and order of business, and inclusion of various
committees. It is suggested you look at the current ApHC rulebook for additional ideas on how to
format your articles and By-Laws and what you may or may not want to include.

** Sample **
Articles of Incorporation
ARTICLE I: The name of this corporation is _________. The principal office for the transaction of
business of this club s