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Articles of Incorporation Sample
This corporation is chartered pursuant to Section 28500 of the Government Code of Guam (7 G.C.A.
§9201) as enacted by Public Law 14-155, as a non-profit, non-stock public educational corporation which
is exempt from Guam tax and licensing requirements. The undersigned as the first Trustees hereby adopt
these Articles of Incorporation for the governance of the corporation:
The name of the corporation is THE GUAM LAW LIBRARY.
The corporation is organized and shall be operated for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a law
library. The corporation may establish branch libraries in such locations as it deems appropriate. The
corporation may further provide or perform related library and legal educational services and may do all
and everything necessary, suitable, and proper for the accomplishments of any of these purposes
including the exercise of all powers enumerated in Section 354 of the Civil Code of Guam (18 G.C.A.
§4001). H