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Articles of Incorporation
I, the undersigned natural person of the age of more than eighteen (18) years who is a
citizen of the State of Texas, acting as incorporator of a corporation under the Texas
Non-Profit Corporation Act, do hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation for
such corporation:

Article I
The name of the corporation is St. George Place Civic Association, Inc., hereafter called
the “Association.”

Article II
The corporation is a non-profit corporation.

Article III
The period of its duration is perpetual.

Article IV
The purposes for which the Association is organized are to promote the civic and social
welfare and well-being of those certain residents and property owners living within or
near those areas of Houston, Texas, known as St. George Place or Lamar Terrace
Subdivision and all its sections, an addition and subdivision situated in Harris County,
Texas, bounded on the north by Westheimer Road and West Alabama Avenue, on the
south by Richmond Avenue, on