Free affidavit of identity 38Free affidavit of identity 38Free affidavit of identity 38
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Instructions – Please Follow Carefully!
Affidavit & Release Form and Certification of Identification Form
1. Affidavit and Release
Complete this form by securely attaching a current, front-view 2” x 2” passport-type color
photograph of yourself in the designated space. Please print your full name on the back of
the photo before attaching. Do not sign or date the Affidavit and Release form until you are in
the presence of a notary; your date of signature must correspond to the date of notarization.
Mail the original Affidavit and Release form to FCVS (address below). FCVS does not require
this form to begin verification of credentials; however, it is required before the verifications
obtained on your behalf are authenticated and usable in your profile.
2. Certification of Identification (See EXCEPTIONS on next page)
Complete this form by printing your full legal name and FCVS ID number on the top portion of
the form. Take the Certification of Identification form, a Government issued pho