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Proof of Student Identity and Age
Virginia State law requires that a birth certificate be presented when a student registers for
school (Section 22.1-3.1, code of Virginia). If none can be produced, an affidavit witnessed by a
Notary Public may be accepted. State law also requires that the school division forward a copy
of this Affidavit and documents used to provide proof of a child’s age and identity to the local
law enforcement agency. Please fill out the form below and return it to the school after it has
been notarized.
__________________________________, being first daily sworn upon oath, based upon his/her
personal knowledge, answers the following questions as noted in his/her handwriting on this and
that attached page, which are propounded by duly authorized officials of the Arlington County
Public Schools concerning a pupil’s identity and age requesting enrollment as a pupil within the
School System in accordance with section 22.1-3.1 of the Code of Virginia.