Free affidavit of domicile 41Free affidavit of domicile 41
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Affidavit of Citizenship and Domicile
county of ___________________
North-Carolina American Republic



KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: I,_____________________________________________,
Sui Juris, having first-hand knowledge of the facts as stated herein, hereinafter “affiant”, do hereby declare my
proper and lawful status with respect to Citizenship and Domicile, to-wit:

Your affiant’s natural birth occurred in _________________________________________________state,

on the ________________________ day of ________________________________, 19 _________.

Your affiant has been an Inhabitant of North-Carolina from ____________________________, 19 ______
until the present.
Your affiant clearly understands the difference between a “state Citizen” and a “United States citizen;
your affiant is not a federal “U.S. citizen”.
(a) “We have in our political system, a government of each of the several states and a government of
the United States. Each is distinct from the other