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Becoming a Nevada Resident

by Layne T. Rushforth



1.1 Generally. “Domicile” refers to your primary residence. The term is often used
interchangeably with “residence”, but the term “legal residence” is closer. You may have
several residence or places where you reside, but, in the United States, it is well accepted
law that you may only have one domicile or legal residence.
If you make Nevada your “domicile”, it does not mean that Nevada is
your exclusive place of residence, but it generally refers to the place that you reside
most of the time or, at least, more than anywhere else.
Each state has its own rules for establishing residency or domicile,
and it is possible for more than one state to assert that you are domiciled in that
state. In Nevada, and presumably in other states, there are different definitions for
different purposes, such as for filing a complaint for divorce, for voter registration,
for welfare benefits,