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Dependent Student
f you are a dependent of parents who reside in Arizona, the following may apply to you
A student whose parent(s) claims him/her as a dependent for federal and/or state income tax purposes and whose
parent(s) moved to the State of Arizona on or before the fi rst day of the semester may be eligible for classifi cation as
in-state student for tuition purposes. Proof of tax dependence and domicile of parent(s) in Arizona required.
NOTE: This regulation applies only to a dependent son or daughter
f these conditions do not apply to you, please refer to the Residency Guidelines and complete the Domicile Affi davit,
Independent Student form
Parents of students who meet these conditions may complete lower portion and reverse side of this form and submit along with:
1. Copy of state and federal income tax return (for the most recent tax year) showing the student has been claimed as a
2. Proof of parent domicile in Arizona