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Model complaint acknowledgement letter [delete text to the left and insert
company logo]

Dear [insert name]
We are writing to acknowledge your complaint dated [insert date].
We are sorry that you feel you have cause for complaint and thank you for
making us aware of this issue. We can assure you that your complaint will be
investigated and we will make every effort to ensure this matter is dealt with
Your policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s and we follow the process for responding to
complaints which has been put in place by Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s has produced a leaflet
“How We Will Handle Your Complaint”, which sets out its complaints procedure
and we enclose a copy for your information.
You should expect to receive a further response from us within two weeks of the
date of your complaint. If we are not able to resolve your complaint after two
weeks (or in the unlikely event that we are not able to provide a response in that
time), you may