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The undersigned do hereby declare that as a result of an official action of the Governing Body
of the Neighborhood Council named below: (1) they are authorized to request City funding to
support NC general operations, (2) all items or services described or included in any related
funding requests are exclusively intended to further the goals and objectives of the
Neighborhood Council, and (3) that all reasonable precautions shall be exercised by the
undersigned to fully safeguard, control and account for all use of the funds. Proper
accountability of all City funds is critical to the success of the NC Funding Program.
THEREFORE, by the signature(s) below, and on behalf of the Neighborhood Council named
below, WE HEREBY AGREE to the terms and conditions as set forth in this Letter of
Acknowledgment and all related documents as provided by the City, agree to expend funds in
accordance with any applicable City rules, policies or procedures, and specifically agree