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Sample Resignation Acknowledgement Letter
For all Employees Except Adjunct Faculty
TO: Name of Employee
FROM: Name of Human Resources Officer or Designee
This is to acknowledge your resignation from your position as (title of position) at the
(school/unit/department), effective (resignation date).*
You will receive information in the mail for continuing your benefits coverage under
COBRA. You may also contact PeopleLink at [email protected] or 212-992-LINK
(5465) or refer to the website at and select your
employee category for information about continuation of benefits.
If you are enrolled in Medical, Dental or Vision benefits through NYU, those coverages
end on the last day of the month in which you terminate employment. If you are enrolled
in NYU Group Basic and/or Supplemental Life Insurance, Long Term Disability or
Business Travel Accident coverage, those coverage end on the day you terminate
employment with NYU.
I will arrange a time to