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City, State, ZIP code:
Property code:
Full Property address:
is enclosed appraisal report on the Property No: [Property code], located on the
following address: [Full property address], which we received by: [Company
name], on MM/DD/YYYY.
Please note that closing will not take place until a signed copy of this form is
retrned to [Company Name]. In a case your closin is scheduled within five ()
business days from the date of the appraisal report was received by you, you will
be required to reschedule your closing OR you have the option to waive this
You are kindly asked to check the satement and acknowledge the receipt of the
appraisal by placing your signature below. Returne two copies as soon as you
manage to facilitate closing of your mortgage loan.
I/We acknowledge that I/We were provided a copy of appraisal report prior to
five (5) business days of closing.
To expedite the closing of our loan, I/We waive our rig