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First and foremost, praises and thanks to the God, the Almighty, for His
showers of blessings throughout my research work to complete the research
I would like to express my deep and sincere gratitude to my research
supervisor, Dr. N. Krishnan M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D., SM IEEE, Professor and
Head, Centre for Information Technology and Engineering, Manonmaniam
Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, for giving me the opportunity to do research
and providing invaluable guidance throughout this research. His dynamism,
vision, sincerity and motivation have deeply inspired me. He has taught me the
methodology to carry out the research and to present the research works as
clearly as possible. It was a great privilege and honor to work and study under his
guidance. I am extremely grateful for what he has offered me. I would also like
to thank him for his friendship, empathy, and great sense of humor. I am
extending my heartfelt thanks to his wife, family for their accep