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SAMPLE ADVERSE ACTION LETTER: As the employer or user of
consumer reports, it your responsibility to ensure compliance with all of the relevant
federal, state and local laws governing this area. We strongly recommend that prior to
use, you consult with an attorney.
Dear Applicant:
We regret to inform you that based on our hiring criteria; we are unable to consider you
further for an employment opportunity with our organization. This decision was made in
part from the information we received from our employment-screening vendor.
In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have previously received a copy of
the information and a copy of your rights under the Act. You also have the right to obtain
an additional free copy of the report within 60 days of your receipt of this letter by
contacting the supplier at the addresses and telephone numbers below. Please refer to
these documents if you have further questions. You have the right to dispute the accu