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[Applicant Name
City, State Zip]
Re: Notice of Adverse Action
Dear [Applicant Name]:
Enclosed is a consumer report that we requested in connection with your application for
employment with our company. In accordance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting
Act, also enclosed is a copy of your rights under the Act.
Based on our hiring criteria and the contents of this consumer report, we have made a
decision not to consider you for employment at this time.
This decision was made in part from information we received from Associated Services
Employment Check. Please be advised that Associated Services Employment Check
does not make these decisions and is unable to provide you with the specific reasons for
the decisions.
You have the right to dispute the accuracy and completeness of information contained in
the report(s) by contacting Associated Services Employment check, or if the report is a
credit report, contacting the credit bureau that furnis