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Sample: Adverse Action Letter
(Experience has shown us that the post-notification that maintains the best customer relations is a
personalized approach geared to specific circumstances. A letter similar to this one with the enclosed copy
of the Consumer Summary of Rights is part of the post-notification process under FCRA guidelines)

Applicants name
Phone #
We regret to inform you that we have found it necessary to reject your application for
This action was influenced by information in a consumer report
made, at our request, by:
Information Direct
2438 East Chapman Ave #86
Fullerton, CA 92831
(800) 707-2450 voice
(800) 707 -2449 fax
Information Direct, Inc. did not make the adverse decision and cannot provide the reason
for our decision.
You may obtain a free copy of the report within 60 days and you have the right to dispute
the accuracy of the information with Information Direct Inc..
(decision makers signature)
Decision makers name