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Acknowledgement Sample for a Job Interview
[Senders Name]
[Address line 1]
[Address line 2]
[State, ZIP Code]
[Company name]
[HR Manager]
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[State, ZIP Code]
Subject: Acknowledgment of an interview
Dear [Recipients Name],
I just want to let you know what a pleasure it was to speak with you about position of
a graphic designer with Your Company. I thank again you most sincerely for your
time in getting to know me and answering all my questions about the company.
Our interview — and the interviews I’ve been on since then — have affirmed in my
mind that your company is the right environment for me and that I have a great deal
to offer your company. I am hoping you are as interested in my qualifications as I am
in contributing to your firm. I’m eager to bring my experience in design-related






teamwork experience to your team.
I’m available for a follow-up intervi