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In the Kitchen:

First Time Moving Out Checklist!

Whether you are a cook or not, a functioning kitchen is an important part of a home – here is a list of things you wil
to start up your first kitchen:
Stock your refrigerator, pantry and freezer with your favorite foods
Coffee maker (coffee & coffee filter)
Measuring cups & spoons
Can opener (electric or hand)
Cooking tools such as a spatula, wooden spoons, serving ladle
Cheese grater
Salt & Pepper shakers (don’t forget the salt & pepper!)
Oven mitts & hand towels
Plates, bowls, mugs & drinking glasses
Utensils (forks, knifes, spoons) – don’t forget the utensil drawer caddy!
Knife set
Cutting board
Dish drying rack
Hand mixer
Pots, frying pans & casserole dish/baking pans
Mixing bowls
Tupperware storage containers (variety of sizes)
Garbage can (don’t forget the trash bags!)
Microwave (if not built-in)

In the Dining Room:

Regardless of your budget or the size of your first pad, you have to have a place to eat!
Bar st