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SMART List – What to bring to your college apartment
o Toilet paper
o Toilet brush and plunger
o Shower rod and curtain
o Bathroom mat
o Shower caddy
o Toothbrush holder
o Bathroom towels
o First aid kit
o Medication
o Hair dryer/straightener/curling
o Hand soap
Cleaning Supplies
o Mop
o All-purpose cleaner
o Broom/Swiffer
o Vacuum cleaner
o Laundry detergent
o Dryer sheets
o Clothes hangers
o Iron and Ironing board
o Dish towels
o Dish rack
o Chip clips
o Cookbooks
o Sponges
o Kitchen utensils/Silverware
o Dishware (plates, bowls, cups,
o Blender
o Toaster
o Coffee maker
o Pots and pans
o Trash can
o Dish detergent
o Coasters
o Paper towels
o Trash bags

o Pot holders
o Food
o Bedside lamp
o Posters and Wall decor
o Alarm clock
o Storage bins
o Desk lamp
o Fan
o Bulletin or Dry erase board
o Picture hangers/Command
o Sheets and pillowcases (Full
size bed)
o Pillows
o Mattress pad (Full size bed)
o Blankets
o Comforter/Bedspread (Full size