Free apartment checklist 13Free apartment checklist 13Free apartment checklist 13
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It is in your best interest to request a walk through your new
apartment/property rental with your landlord within 15 daysof your
move-in date to document any pre-existing damages. This is also your
right under Maryland Housing Law. Alwayskeep a copy of this
checklist with your lease and give a copy to your landlord for their
records. You should use this form or a similar form to conduct your
walk through with your landlord.
Maryland Code, Real Property, Secton 89 ‐203
(d) List of Existing Damages – either the lease or the receipt must contain language informing the tenant of
is right to receive from the landlord a written list of all existing damage(s) to the leased premises if the
tenant so requests in writing within the first 15 days of occupancy.
If requested, the landlord must provide the list of damage(s). If he does not, he is liable to the tenant for
three times the amount of the security deposit. This liability of the landlord may be reduced by any damages