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Vartabedian: A Happy 45th
Anniversary Letter to My Wife
Dear Nancy,
Well, here we are, on the threshold of another milestone. The
fact we got married on your birthday Feb. 19 made it very easy
to recall. Some husbands I know have no talent for
remembering anniversaries. With others, it’s a gift.
I can’t think of a better one than this greeting card.
We just returned from a memorable trip to Disney World with
our family and seeing the joy upon the faces of our two
grandchildren left an indelible mark upon us both.
The basis for any married life is spoiling our grandkids and both
of us are supreme in that category. God blessed us with a
wonderful bode, good health, fine careers, a retirement free of
debt. For that, we are eternally blessed.
Memory takes me back to that fateful moment in Harvard
Square 45 years ago when we tied the knot during a candlelight
ceremony. We both wanted something sedate, not the big,
bawdy ceremony as such. The fact we were both Armenian and
decided to wed ins