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To My Boyfriend On Our 5
Year Anniversary, You Are
Everything I wanted
We started dating on August 24th, 2011. We had
been best friends for 3 years before that. I never
thought I would love anyone the way I love you.
You have always been by my side. You were the
one guy who could always protect me, I will always
be thankful for you.
It's crazy how we have been together for half a
decade already. I honestly still find it so hard to
believe that you can love someone like me who is
so "damaged" as people say, as I say. Someone
who is as sweet as you, deserves so much better
than someone like me who is so insecure.
Our relationship wasn't always the easiest. When
we first started dating, you would ignore me for
days on end because you had been single so long
and used to doing your own thing. We would fight
about it all the time because I felt like I deserved
We had broken up twice through out our
relationship, but we both realized we belonged
together. I am so glad that no matter h