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Open letter to My Wife on Our Wedding Anniversary
My love……….. ,
I have never addressed you by your name or any other name so far… so
shall continue this tradition even today. I don’t think I have expressed my
appreciation to you often enough for having given me so many happy
years, so I’ve decided to write this open letter – an anniversary card just
doesn’t say enough. This way I can sit down and gather my thoughts
together and present them to you with a small token of my love.
We haven’t been to too many theatres or movies in the past, but don’t think
that either one of us minded too much, as our kids always seemed to
provide enough entertainment of their own. Though I never admired your
parenting skills through the years, I still don’t know how you did everything
so well, even from the beginning – our little ones certainly didn’t come with
a manual of how to raise children. Today, after 39 years, I have learnt from
Swati Lodha, that it is parents who have to raise themselves first…