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To My Husband on our First Anniversary:
We've made it. We've made it one whole year without
killing each other. People either say this is the best year
of marriage or the worst. I'm still not sure which
category we fit into yet.
One year ago, I stood in the one room school house
where I got to ring the school bell, announcing my walk
down the aisle toward you. I waited patiently, timing the
music to my walk. My father looked at me one last time.
He said, "I know you'll be okay. I know because Cory
doesn't look at any other woman the way he looks at
And he is right.

One year later, married life has settled into the daily
routine of work and play. But I want you to know, my
love, that I don't take it for granted. Every now and then,
in a moment of reflection, I'll smile as I remind myself
that this person who I first met at 18 years old, who is so
funny, generous, handsome and warm is now my
husband. Sometimes I still can't believe it's all worked
out and that I am actually your w