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Love Letter to Wife for Wedding
Hey sweetie,
Do you remember our first date? What a fantastic idea of yours for us to do a
bike ride and a picnic lunch. The trails were beautiful and you picked the perfect spot for
us to stop. I had so much fun that day.
We've been to lots of great places together, but some of my happiest memories
are from the times we just curl up together and talk. I've learned so much about you and
told you stuff I've never told anyone before.
Our marriage is so incredibly important to me because we're always there for
each other. Having one of my best friends die in a car crash was about the worst
experience of my life. I was so distraught. I'd never have got through that time if not for
How you overcome challenges inspires me. You already work so hard at being a
teacher and yet you've taken on those evenings and weekend counseling classes. It's
hard to see you carrying such a workload, but it's what you want to do, and I think you'll
make an aweso