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A letter to my wife, on the occasion of
our 36th anniversary (16/1/17)
I wrote this letter to Mardi for our anniversary today. Because we live so far
from most friends and family, I am unable to present this letter as a toast at
a group celebration, and decided to publish it instead. Will you please be
upstanding and raise a glass with me? To Mardi!

Today is the 18th anniversary of our American wedding. Despite being the
second time to marry you in as many weeks, it didn’t feel strange—having
had the practice of being married two weeks prior in Australia I was a bit
less nervous. Your uncle whispering loudly, as I waited at the front of the
church, “It’s not too late, mate…if you duck out the back we can meet at the
pub and miss this whole thing!” went a long way to help with that
I will be forever grateful to U.S. Immigration for issuing you a
“Fiancee Visa” requiring a wedding on American soil: because of their
largesse we had to have a second ceremony with our American family and