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Two Years. Can you believe it? It sure doesn’t feel like that
long to me. It seems like just yesterday I was walking down
the aisle on my daddy’s arm, and you were standing at the
end with the biggest smile on your face. Time moves fast,
too fast, and somedays I just want to slow it down and
savor all of the little moments with you. Looking back over
the last two years of marriage, and over the last six years
of knowing you, brings tears to my eyes. We’ve shared SO
many amazing memories. Our first year of marriage was a
great one, but I think our second one has been even
greater. We’ve ventured to new cities, we’ve climbed new
mountains, we’ve put our feet in the ocean, and we’ve
dreamed big. Plus, we brought another fur-baby home, to
the home that we OWN! It still feels weird to say
that! We’ve crossed some pretty major things off our
bucket lists in the last year, and each one has been
nothing short of spectacular. But those aren’t the things I
remember most. The things I re