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Dear Jenelle,
I just wanted to write an open letter to you on this day, our anniversary, to
tell you how much you mean to me and to thank you and thank God for
entering my life. Three years ago today, I was preparing to marry not just a
beautiful, intelligent, outgoing, and amazing woman. I was preparing to
marry my best friend. I had the butterflies so bad that I played basketball
that morning. I remember you being upset wondering how I could play
basketball when you, yourself, was stressed to the max. But baby, that was
the only way I could get myself to relax. Sitting in my Berry Hill Mansion
room was making it worse as far as the jitters go. Hours later we became
Mr. and Mrs. Terry. Dancing back up the aisle to Debarge as husband and
These three years have not been easy. Marriage, as you mentioned, takes
a lot of hard work and is not all blue stars and pixie dust. I have made
plenty of mistakes during our marriage. I have caused both