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MAY 3, 2016

A Love Letter to My Husband on
Our 2nd Anniversary
To Nathan,
It is our 2nd wedding anniversary and I could not have imagined what
our life would be like two years after walking down the beach to say our
vows. We don’t have it all together, and we haven’t figured out all the
secrets to life, yet there’s one thing I can say with absolute positivity –
I am so proud of us. With each day that passes, our love has only grown
stronger. There is not a day that I doubt whether we were meant to live
this adventure hand-in-hand. Just months after our wedding, I decided
to jump head first into running a business. You showed me support and
encouragement and every day you motivate me to get better and
dream bigger. Being an entrepreneur can be a roller coaster, but each
time I feel like I’m not enough, you pull me back to reality and remind
me of all the things I’ve achieved so far. Just months after I started my
business, I decided we should adopt a puppy. I admit this may not have