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Anniversary Love Letter to
My Husband, Happy 5
To the love of my life,
You came into my life in 2007, showed me enormous
amounts of love and LOOK where we are today! Today is our
5 year anniversary. Can you believe it? I can’t help but smile
knowing we’ve been married that long! What an
What a journey it’s been!
It is no secret we’ve had our tough times. Last year was
particularly hard for us, but with God’s grace, we are better
than we’ve ever been. He helped us overcome some tough
stuff, and the outcome? Now I feel closer to you, I feel more
comfortable with you, and I am so much happier. There were
days I wasn’t sure about continuing on, but now I see us
together for the rest of our lives, and I have confidence we
will work through any issues that could come along and try
to stop us.
I know that is a rough start to a love letter, but I think it is
such a testament to our love for each other. I am so thankful
for what we went through, it was painful, but we are