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An Open Letter to my
Husband on our Anniversary

To many, today is just another day. To you and me, it is a
quiet celebration of being “us” for another year. It is not a
notable anniversary. There is no gold, silver, or platinum
commemorating the day. But there are two people. Here.
Nine is not a unique number of years. Just 3,285 days
blurred into one. But for us, they are 3,285 days of
dedication, perseverance, and support. We are still
standing. Side by side. Hand in hand. Adapting, learning,
and growing.
To think, we were once strangers. To think we once existed
in this world without knowing each other. It seems
Our lives have not been static. Our experiences together
have not been easy. There have been days we wanted to
walk away in search of something else. Something simple.
Something different. But we have, in some unknown way,
spun a thread.
A thread that runs from your heart to mine. It is small and
at times overlooked, bu