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Happy Anniversary, my Love! I can remember standing at the
altar with you ten years ago, staring into your blue eyes, and
thinking that I could never love anyone as much as you. That
feeling has only deepened with time. When I gaze into your
eyes now, I realize that my love for you is boundless; it has
increased exponentially on a daily basis since we said our vows.
We have truly been blessed to have found each other.
As I reflect on our lives together, my mind is flooded with happy
memories of times we've spent together. Although I realize
there have been some tough times, those have only served to
make our relationship stronger, and I'm so thankful for that-that we didn't let those difficult times tear us apart.
The last ten years have been wonderful! Do you remember
skinny-dipping on the roof of that hotel in Hawaii on our
honeymoon? Or learning to scuba dive on that cruise to the
Caribbean? We have seen some amazing places together. I
hope that we continue to travel together and se