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Love Letter To My Husband On Our
13th Anniversary
My love, today marks 13 years since I had the extraordinary
blessing of becoming your wife. Thirteen years, can you
believe it! The funny thing is it doesn’t even seem like it’s
been that long. As we celebrate our 13th anniversary I
wanted to write a letter to you to express as best I can how
much you mean to me!
To My Husband:
13 years ago I was gearing up to become your wife; I would
walk down the aisle to start what has been the best love
story one could hope to have. When I was a little girl, I
always dreamed of my Prince Charming, and as I grew up, I
took my requests of what I wanted in a husband to God. It
took a few wrong guys; you know that whole trying to find
love in all the wrong places before I let God take the lead.
That’s the funny thing about letting go and not trying to do
it on your own; it’s at that moment God says “Okay, now I
can give you my best” and did he ever give me His best
when He gave me you!
As you recall, I