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Dear Dave,
Today is our second wedding anniversary! How did that
happen? It feels like yesterday and also feels like forever
ago. So much has changed since September 20, 2014. I
look back at our wedding photos with tears in my eyes
(it was the BEST day) and think about how wonderful life
was when it was just you and I.
Over the past few years we have been busy. Working on
our relationship, planning our wedding, building our
own businesses, working on our computers late at night,
cooking up a baby and finding our new normal as
parents. It hasn’t always been easy and sometimes I look
back at our wedding photos and think about how
carefree our lives were. The only thing to focus on was
us and that’s exactly what we did. It was the best.
In 8 days our son will be one. For the last year we have
had to put our relationship to the side to focus on
keeping our child alive, make sure we are being good
parents to C and Webster, hope that we are teaching
Charlie and making sure he feels love at a